Award Winning Virtual Business Game

Are you a good leader or a great leader?

Great leaders are not born; they are shaped over time. Experience the journey of leading a $1 bn company in a fun and challenging real-life like virtual environment.

Discover the drivers of Profitability!

Not all decisions are equally impactful. Understand how each decision contributes to bottomline and discover the critical factors driving profitability in your business.

Use analytics to create competitive advantage!

Data is the new currency of business. The simulation provides ample ooportunity for you to dive into the analytics and gather consumer insights to outsmart the competition.

What does it take to be customer centric? Find out

Truly great organizations have their strategy designed around customer preferences. Can you execute a customer centric strategy in a dynamic business situation involving multiple segments?

Frequently Asked Questions

Please write to for more information.
You can buy as many licenses as the number of sims you want to experience the Simulation. To help the participants gain more out of this, you can refer to the Trainer Manual for Simulation specific debrief leading on to your organization. If you need our help on this, please get in touch with us.
Leaders at all levels need sound business acumen to successfully contribute to growth. Trainer may customize delivery and debriefing based on the level and experience of participants.
You get a User Manual and a Trainer Manual.
You can use it in your workshops with all levels of Leaders. The Trainer Manual is extensive in helping you with briefing and debriefing.
It can be customized for a fee. Please write to for more.